Our Trainers

Jourdan Murphy

Jourdan was born and raised in Santa Cruz County, California. Her passion and love for dogs has been ingrained in her from a very young age. She has owned and appreciated high drive breeds growing up and has a natural ability to interact and train dogs. The beginning of Jourdan’s career in canine training started with her seeking a higher level of training for her Australian Cattle Dogs. She took them to an obedience/agility class at a local police K9 training Facility. While participating in these classes the owner/canine trainer of 30 years, offered Jourdan her first apprenticeship. He saw great potential and talent in her from the moment she brought her dogs out. Upon completion she taught private/group classes in obedience, protection, and agility. Along with board and training dogs for behavior modification, mobility and medical alert service dogs, and puppy raising. When her first mentor tragically passed away, she was absolutely captivated by dog training and wanted to learn as much as she could about protection sports. Jourdan started going to any protection and obedience seminar/workshop she could with her own dogs. In doing so she was able to train with some of the best, most inspiring dog trainers from both the US and Europe and compete with her own dogs putting her training to the test. Jourdan has now competed at a national and International level with her Belgian Malinois.

She was able to take advanced obedience techniques from the sport trainers, and her experience training for other pet training companies to create her dog training packages. These packages target what pet owners need to truly enjoy their pets at home and in public. At this point in her career, Jourdan expects to see dogs in her balanced training program engaged, confident and progressing quickly. She will continue to expand her training knowledge throughout her career, there is always new tools and techniques being created. Jourdan feels that even if all she takes away from a seminar/workshop/lesson is that she will never train in that way, then she’s still happy being out there advancing her knowledge of dog training so she can pass it along to her clients.

Jimmy Vanhove

Jimmy has been professionally training dogs since 1997 when he started working for La Taniere d’or Kennel in Coulmiers, France. While working at La Taniere d’or Jimmy started training pet dogs then quickly moved to his passion of training police and military k-9s for Countries all over the world. During his time there he also competed in French Ring and earned a degree in dog breeding and training. In 2004 he left La Taniere d’or and Joined the Gendarmerie Nationale (French military police) where he trained patrol k-9s. Training dogs for patrol means training the dog to protect the handlers, tracking people, and detecting narcotics and explosives. While in the Gendarmerie Jimmy learned to train search and rescue avalanche rescue dogs. Jimmy was brought to the US to teach training seminars and, lucky for us he loved it here! He moved here and hasn’t looked back! Jimmy is currently training pet obedience and personal/executive protection dogs for Coast Canine LLC. he also spends his time training :

Police (patrol, detection, tracking), French Ring / Mondio Ring, and Decoy training seminars all over the world.

Guest Trainers

Cost Canine brings trainers in from all over the world who are looking to further their knowledge of dog training in exchange for vaulter work.