Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue

Thank you, Coast Canine!

Coast Canine of Watsonville has been a fabulous resource for Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue (GGLRR).

Jourdan Murphy and her staff have provided outstanding rehabilitation and training to several rescued Labrador retrievers that had significant behavior problems with other dogs. Her skills enabled the dogs to be adopted out to new forever homes following their work at Coast Canine. Without her dedicated efforts and the resulting success, these dogs would likely have been deemed unadoptable.

GGLRR is thankful for the skills and services Coast Canine has provided our most challenging rescued dogs... enabling them to have a continued vibrant life in a safe and secure environments. Golden Gate Lab Rescue would not have been able to rescue these dogs if had it not been for Coast Canine.


Your boot camp was the key to helping Olive adjust to her forever home with us. She returned to us as a calm and happy rescue pup who continues to look to us for direction so that we can invite her to share this kind of cozy evening as a forever family member. We no longer worry about behavior difficulties and Olive gets to be a spirited happy pup. THANK YOU, Jourdan.

Kathy and Debbie adopted Olive through a Boxer rescue.  A former stray, Olive already had some concerning behavior issues and, coupled with her high drive temperament, she was too much to handle.

A local group class did little to help Olive’s behavior.  She was still too wild with her owners, escaping from her collar or biting and jumping on them, often leaving bruises or drawing blood.  Off leash she was out of control.  She played too roughly with other dogs frequently to the point of aggravating or scaring them. Realizing that her behavior was dangerous to both Olive and her owners, the class instructor referred her to Jourdan Murphy at Coast Canine.



Layla was purchased by a family and was more dog then they were expecting coming with some serious behavior problems. With lots of work Layla has over come dog reactivity while on leash along with her other undesired behaviors. 


"Jourdan is a very skilled trainer in all types of training, my dog absolutely loves her. She has worked with my 100lb male Rottweiler Maximus since he was 16 weeks old, she has worked with him and my family on all of his training needs for the last 5 1/2 years. Maximus started training on basic training and moved through all of his off leash training Jourdan. She also trained Maximus for the use as a mobility service dog for me he can support me when I am unbalanced or retrieve objects for me around the house or if I drop something while out with him. I would highly recommend Jourdan for all your training needs be it from basic obedience to advanced training or even sport work."